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Best Herbs to grow indoor and Display Ideas

Growing your own herb garden is a fun few things!

1- Growing your own Herbs means you know it’s clean, organic and fresh! Just something about knowing you “Grew it” makes it 10 times yummier!

2- The Smell it leaves in your home is quite nice… Fresh…

3- Creating a fun way to display your beautiful herb garden is super fun and i found some great ideas where you can purchase or make your own cute little displays for indoor growing without having to walk outside and pick them.

Before you start growing make sure you have a good spot in your home that has a lot of sunshine and away from any Air Conditioning units or radiators.

Here are the top 10 Herbs that are easy to grow by Desima. They list everything you need to know in this article.

Urbilis is a website for herb and garden containers. I seriously got lost for a while looking at all the fun ideas and possibilities for an indoor her garden Like the picture below.

Chalk Board Wall Planter


Okay, I am pretty sure that most everyone owns some mason jars somewhere in the house… If you are looking for a cheap DIY type herb garden this is a great idea from Domestically-Speaking  You can follow her step by step instructions by clicking here: Hanging Herb Mason Jars

I found this Idea on pinterest and did some digging to find the correct author of this picture but did fail. What a great idea using teacups as a container for your herbs! This is a super cheap cute idea, You can pick up really cute tea cups/mugs at a thrift store for 50 cents to a dollar!

This next one is a perfect size for a windowsill. I love the cute details that you can do with chalk to name your herbs. This is perfect for your kitchen area and big enough to grow your essential herbs. You can get a crate like this at a craft store.

Nothing like Fresh, Grown by you herbs for your cooking!



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